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Have you ever heard VOCALOID? Or are you familiar with her, maybe?


This is Hatsune Miku.

Anime, manga, light novels, and cosplay. These have represented popular subcultures in Japan.
And recently, Japanese subcultures are getting more exciting than ever before.

This sensation started when a software went on sale. It was Hatune Miku, a VOCALOID.

VOCALOID is now one of the most popular music genres in Japan.

Today, anybody can compose music by using VOCALOID and upload it to video-sharing websites (It is mainly Niconico in Japan, but you can see thousands of works on YouTube as well).

And when listeners find their favorite song, they cover it, dance it, draw images of the song, make videos, or even write novels and comic books about the songs.

Thus, thank to the VOCALOID boom, huge number of amateur artists have been born.

VOCALOID is the principal axis which connects people and allows them to create one wonderful artwork.

Could you get some ideas about VOCALOID?

No? Then, just watch her!

This video showed how she has connected people and made them creator.
If Miku attracts your attention, please keep reading ♡


What Makes VOCALOID So Attractive

Potentials of VOCALOID

What Hatsune Miku Has Accomplished So Far

Profiles of VOCALOIDs

VOCALOID Related Works

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