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Yakitate!! Ja-pan

Original Title...焼きたて!! ジャぱん

Yakitate!! Japan

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Targets Audience

  • Age...10 Years or Older
  • Gender...Male/ Female

Brief Information

  • Relatively Popular
  • 69 Episodes
  • Food (Bead)
  • Baking Battle
  • Comedy
  • Drama


The title means "Freshly Baked!! Ja-pan." The "pan" also means "bread" in Japanese.
The story focuses on Kazuma Azuma, a boy on his quest to create "Ja-pan", a national bread for Japan itself. He initially heads to Tokyo to expand his horizons at the bread-making chain Pantasia; the story continues with Azuma's exploits with his other coworkers.


  • Author...Takashi Hashiguchi
  • Studio...Sunrise
  • Director...Yasunao Aoki
  • Original Run...October 12, 2004 – March 14, 2006

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