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Targets Audience

  • Age...15 years or Older
  • Gender...Male/ Female

Brief Information

  • Relatively Popular
  • 50 Episodes
  • Vampire
  • Grotesque
  • Philosophical
  • Battles
  • Stages...Whole World
  • Time Setting...Mid 19th Century - Present


Under the care of her adoptive family, Saya Otonashi has been living the life of an anemic amnesiac, but otherwise ordinary schoolgirl.
However, her happy life is shattered when she is attacked by a Chiropteran, learning that she is the only one who can defeat them.
Armed with her special katana, Saya embarks on a journey with her family, allies, and her chevalier Haji, to rid the world of the Chiropteran threat and recover her identity.
The course of the journey reveals the background history of the Chiropterans and Saya's past, which extends into the mid-19th century.

The series is initially set in September 2005 Okinawa City (Koza), on Okinawa Island, near the US Kadena Air Base.
Over the course of the series, Saya travels across the world, from Japan to Vietnam, Russia, France and finally the US, fighting Chiropterans.

I, personally, think this is the best anime ever! d(・∀<)ナイスッ*。*。”。*


  • Studios...Production I.G, Aniplex
  • Directer...Junichi Fujisaki
    (Blood+ was inspired by the 2000 anime film Blood: The Last Vampire)
  • Original Run...December 26, 2005 – April 26, 2007

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