Original Title...ブリーチ


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Targets Audience

  • Age...12 Years or Older
  • Gender...Male

Brief Information

  • Popular/ Well-known
  • 366 Episodes
  • Action/ Battle
  • Supernatural
  • Death


Ichigo Kurosaki is a teenager who can see ghosts, a talent which lets him meet supernatural trespasser Rukia Kuchiki.
Rukia is one of the Soul Reapers, psychopomp soldiers trusted with ushering the souls of the dead from the World of the Living to the Soul Society —the afterlife realm from which she originates— and with fighting Hollows, monstrous lost souls who can harm both ghosts and humans.
When she is severely wounded defending Ichigo from a Hollow she is pursuing, Rukia transfers her Spirit Pressure to Ichigo so that he may fight in her stead while she recovers her strength.
Rukia is thereby trapped in an ordinary human body, and must advise Ichigo as he balances the demands of his substitute Soul Reaper duties and attending high school.
For aid in hunting the Hollows, the pair ally with a trio of other spiritually empowered teenagers: Ichigo's high school classmate Orihime Inoue, best friend Yasutora "Chad" Sado, and exorcist Uryū Ishida.
A monster of the week format ensues.


  • Author...Tite Kubo
  • Studio...Studio Pierrot
  • Director...Noriyuki Abe
  • Original Run...October 5, 2004 – March 27, 2012

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